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    This question is probably more orientated towards the phones config but hopefully some of you guys have tried to achieve a similar objective with these phones.

    I have the cisco 7961G IP phone with SIP firmware, setup and working with the quadro.
    What I would like to know is how you guys configured your xml config to enable receptionist like functionality?
    Similar to that of the receptionist function of the quadro.

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    Cisco 7961G IP-Phone is not in Epygi Supported or Tested IP-Phones list, so we do not guarantee the correct functionality of that phone with Quadro. More, we've tested and officialy support Receptionist Functionality only for Snom and Aastra phones. We know, that it is possible to configure Cisco phones to work as a Receptionist, but it wasn't tested in our lab, so we can't say anything about such configuration or about possible results. For example, Thomson 2030ST phones also have a possibility to be configured as a Receptionist manually from the phone's GUI, but there are several issues with that functionaliy and it is not recommended to use that functionality even in their website, so before using Cisco's feature I'd suggest to collect some information about the possible problems.
    I don't know, if other members of this forum have done Cisco setup as a Receptionist. If there are some people done it, please share your experience here. It can be usefull for other Quadro users too. Thanks in advance.

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    thanks for your response aramk, basically all I want to achieve is -: If jeff is on a phone call (extension 16), the 'extension in use' light should show on the receptionists phone.
    doesn't seem like a big ask, but I can't figure out how to do it.

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    The feature you want is called "Extension watching", which is implemented on Quadro for Snom and Aastra phones. Again, the feature was not tested in our lab on Cisco phones and we can't say anything about its configuration. The question is related more to Cisco, than to Epygi

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    I too are looking for the answer to the BLF Question "Extention Watching" i love the Cisco Phones have just got a CP-7970G COlour Touchscreen but it is missing that one Fuction and the 7970 even has more buttons but cant get it working. I have programmed a button for a speed dial to a extention "16@quadroip" but cant make it monitor it. ??????

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    The above thread may point you to some answers regarding this.



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    Thanks Kevin,

    I found you post a couple of days ago and used it with my 7970 and working no problem, other then. i still would like to be able to monitor extention as you can with Snom and AASTRA, the 7970 has BLF keys but you cant seem to use them?

    Thanks Adam

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