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    Default Fax Settings gain

    I've had considerable success with a fax modem connected to Line1 FXS and T38 over VoIP.

    However outbound fax tests consistently report excessive volume. From remote telco measurements the volume is -9dBm when it should be-15dBm or less.

    How do I adjust the gain / signal level? I've tried two approaches:

    1) reduce microphone gain on line 1 fxs
    2) reduce Signal Gain on hidden faxsettings.cgi

    Neither makes a difference. What exactly does Signal Gain do on the faxsettings page?


    ps Can anyone please tell me how to telnet or otherwise issue AT commands to an internal pci modem? I dont understand how to find the device and connect to it (on COM3).
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    Absent any reply from epygi/forum, I investigated on google. What I learned is that T38 outbound volume is determined by the terminating gateway - the VSP - not by the Signal Gain from Quadro.

    It's still an undocumented mystery what Signal Gain achieves on faxsettings.cgi. Perhaps we will never know.

    What I do know is that a $20 fax modem works perfectly on Quadro's FXS port with T38. Great for connecting a fax server. Just ensure that T38 and Fax Pass Thru are applied to both the FXS extension and the virtual IP trunk. Not Modem Pass Thru.

    Is Davrays still active on /forum? He was very good at engaging with the epygi community, so I hope he returns.

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    If you are looking for help please describe your problem and how you are sending the fax (through ITSP or via FXO to telco), how the fax machine/modem is connected to Quadro, are you using T.38 or pass thru fax, etc.

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