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    Default Auto attendant

    Could someone please point me in the right direction on how to configure/setup the attendant?
    I'm sure many of you out there have done this before.

    Just so we are on the same page, by auto attendant I mean:
    When someone calls our company, a pretty little voice on the other end says "Welcome to Larry's, please press 1 for Accounts, 2 for service and 3 to speak with an operator"

    When option 1 is pressed, the call is routed to a hunt group which will ring a number of phones/extensions.
    When option 2 is pressed, the call is routed to a hunt group which will ring a number of phones/extensions
    When option 3 is press, the call is transfered directly to extension 16.

    I have read through the manuals which come one the cd bundled with the quadro, and cant work out how to setup the attendant - you guys all seem to know how to do it, somewhere along the way I got left in the dark...

    I appreciated all your help.
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    Hi Jurgen, I'll try to help you with this setup.
    First of all, you need record a new greeting for Auto Attandant. You can do that from any phone connected to Quadro, using Admin Login menu (*75). The detailed description of this menu is availabe in our manuals, also in Quadro GUI, "Main -> Feature Codes" page. Here is the short description on how to modify Auto Attendant Greeting message. Dial on your phone:
    1.*75 (Admin Login)
    2. Enter Quadro password followed by # sign (19 by default)
    3. 2 (Modify Recurring Attendant Prompt)
    4. 2 (Record new Recurring Attendant Prompt) - "Welcome to Larry's, please press 1 for Accounts, 2 for service and 3 to speak with an operator"
    5. Terminate recording by pressing #
    6. Hung up the phone

    You have a new greeting for AA

    Now open your Quadro GUI and go to "Users -> Extensions Management" page. Click on 00 (AA) extension, then click on Attendant Scenario tab. Check "Send AA Digits to Routing Table" option and uncheck "Enable Welcome Message" option, then save.

    Now you must configure your Extension. Go back to "Users -> Extensions Management" page and create 2 new virtual extensions (lets say 55 and 66) by pressing Add. Press on Ext.55 and open "Supplementary Services -> CallerID Based Sevices -> Any Address -> Call Hunting" page. Check "Enable Service" and save, then add the extensions/phones that you want to be ringed by pressing option 1 in AA. Configure the ext.66 in the same way by adding the extensions/phones to be ringed by AA option 2.

    Now we need to route the calls from AA options 1,2,3 to the correct extensions. For this we need to create 3 different rules in Quadro Routing Table. Go to "Telephony -> Call Routing -> Call Routing Table" page and press Add. Fill the following parameters:

    Pattern: 1
    Number of Discarded Symbols: 1
    Prefix: 55
    Call Type: PBX

    Then press Next until the wizard will be finished.

    Now add another record with the following parameters.

    Pattern: 2
    Number of Discarded Symbols: 1
    Prefix: 66
    Call Type: PBX

    Then press Next until the wizard will be finished.

    And the final rule with the following parameters.

    Pattern: 3
    Number of Discarded Symbols: 1
    Prefix: 16
    Call Type: PBX

    Then press Next until the wizard will be finished.

    That's all
    Please, inform us about results.

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    The following vxml script will do what you require, we have set the following extensions as option 1 -> ext 20 option 2-> ext 21 option 3 -> ext 16

    Record a welcome as 'welcome.wav' message eg 'welcome to ABC company' and then upload the options 'options.wav' eg push 1 for, push 2 etc.

    It was created by the 3Bit Quadro AA Creator which is still in a beta

    <vxml version="2.0">
    <!-- Made By the 3Bit Solutions Quadro AA VXML Creator -->
    <form id="DocumentFlow">
    <block name="TopLevelMenuAction1">
    <prompt bargein="false" timeout="5s" count="1">
    <audio src="welcome.wav" />
    <block name="DocumentFlowAction2">
    <goto next="#TopLevelMenu" />
    <form id="TopLevelMenu">
    <var name="varTopLevelMenuDial" expr="''" />
    <assign name="varTopLevelMenuDial" expr="'16'" />
    <goto nextitem="dialTopLevelMenu" />
    <field name="fieldTopLevelMenu">
    <prompt bargein="true" timeout="5s" count="1">
    <audio src="options.wav" />
    <option dtmf="1" value="20" />
    <option dtmf="2" value="21" />
    <option dtmf="3" value="16" />
    <assign name="varTopLevelMenuDial" expr="fieldTopLevelMenu" />
    <goto nextitem="dialTopLevelMenu" />
    <object classid="dial" name="dialTopLevelMenu">
    <param name="pattern" expr="varTopLevelMenuDial" />

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    Of course, for this setup it is possible to use Quadro Custom Scenario written by VXML too. Thanks to threebit for the provided script The 3Bit Quadro AA Creator is a very nice program. Tools like that will make the Quadro users life more easy. Here is only one point, that many users afraid of using Quadro Custom Attendant VXML support, thinking that it will require top-level vxml scripting skills That's why often I prefer to explain the AA "traditional" setup.

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    I have followed these exact instructions, however, when I do a test call, and Press Option 1 (which is supposed to ring extensions 13-17), I simply get a voice prompt stating "Number Dialed Does Not Exist". Am I missing a step somewhere?

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    what happens when you dial 55?

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    Default Question about this process...

    Wouldn't allowing all the digits to be forwarded to the Call Routing table derive on allowing external callers to dial for example "9" and then get line tone to dial out?

    Thanks for the help.

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