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Thread: USB drive needs to remounted after reboot

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    Angry USB drive needs to remounted after reboot

    We have a 16xi running 4.1.50 firmware and every time we reboot the box we have to manually tell it to use the external usb drive. Also whats the status on the memory leaks? This box seems to be experiencing memory problems on the DSP chip, the customer complains that the call is delayed on the PSTN after a reboot its fine, until about 2-3 weeks later when she runs out of memory again I guess.

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    Hi Matt, the USB problem is a known issue and we are working on it currently. The USBs with 1GB capacity and higher are affected and we'll probably add this problem in our Release Notes soon. This probem is not connected to memory leaks and happen not on all Quadros.
    For the problem described in the second part of your post please open a TSS ticket with the logs and we'll examine it to find where exactly the problem lies - maybe there is another problem than you suspect.

    P.S. Please upgrade all your Quadros to latest 4.1.52.

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    Thanks for your reply aramk,

    Is thr anyway to get the current memory usage (not storage) of CPU of the system, for us to ascertain the health of the box?

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    No Matt, it's not possible to have a current memory usage of Quadro CPU.

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    Matt, the memory management of Quadro is quite complex ()as the one in Linux), and there is actually no such thing as free memory - the most of the memory is always used for something: caches, buffers and so on.

    But actually you don't need that information, as the memory management problems are solved in 4.1.52. So the rule is simple:
    if you have problems with the device and suspect that the memory leaks are the reason, then
    a) if the version 4.1.33 or 4.1.40, most probably this is true;
    b) if the version 4.1.52 and higher, in the 99.9% this is not true, and there is another reason for the problem.

    Best regards,

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