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Thread: Incoming call routing not working...

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    Default Incoming call routing not working...


    I've a Quadro 4xi (4.1.52) and have written a Auto Attendant VXML script which works when called internally but now when called from PSTN.

    The VXML script basically calls extension '67' when out of hours which in turn using Call Routing redirects the call to '36 - PBX-Voicemail'. Works when calling from the office but not from external.

    I'm thinking it's something to do with us using MSN's to route calls into extensions on the Quadro instead of using 'Routing with inbound destination number' which I know uses the call routing table for incoming calls.

    Any help / advice would be much appreciated.


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    Andy, could you please reproduce the problematic situation, download the Quadro logs and open a TSS ticket with the logs attached. We'll examine the logs in order to uderstand your problem and will advice what to change in your configuration to achieve a desired result.

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    Default Tss

    Sorry, probably being daft but how do I open a TSS ticket?

    Apologies for the delay in replying - been real busy!



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    Hi Andy, no problem at all
    The TSS ticket logging procedure is the following. If you are an Epygi Distributor/Reseller, the you can open a TSS ticket from Channel Portal Login in our website. There must be a special link for TSS tickets submitting. If you are an End-User, then you'll not have that link on login, but you can ask you Distributor/Reseller to open a ticket on your behalf. You need to describe the problematic situation and the FAX call path (caller/called numbers).
    Quadro logs can be downloaded from "System -> Diagnostics -> Show System Logs -> System Logs Settings" page by pressing "Download all logs" button. "Enable Developer Logging" must be enabled. Just reproduce the problem, then download the system logs and attach to the TSS ticket. Our TSS guys will handle the ticket and will back with answers/suggestions.

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    Default TSS Login


    We are indeed a reseller and were listed on your webiste (Excellence IT) but do not have the TSS option enabled. That explains a lot! Can you enable this for me please and I'll send the info.



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    Hi Andy,
    please send an e-mail to, mention your Company name and the username for our Channel Portal login. Our guys will open a TSS link for you. Then you can open a ticket with your problem's description.
    Sorry for inconvenience.

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