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    Unhappy Hold Music query


    Is there a way to continuously loop the hold music independently from calls put on hold ?

    We have a 2-3 minute audio track which is essentially a company profile, when a caller is put on hold, they only hear around 20 seconds of this before going through to the person they need to talk to. Everytime a user is put on hold, the same 20 seconds play.

    Is there a way that the users can be put on hold and would hear this track playing as if they just tuned into it... instead of it starting from the beginning everytime ?



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    I think no. The Hold Music file will start to play from the beginning on every Hold.

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    I try to convert audio wave file in the proper wave format for the Quadro PCM 8ktz, 8bits
    mono with various software program as audacity, but it is impossible to load this audio file in the quadro, I 've got the message "Error: Invalid audio file, or format is not supported"
    What is the good procedure ?

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    first of all, the best program to use is win xp's sound recorder.

    secondly, dont use the PCM codec, use the CCITT uLaw od ALaw codec.

    word of advice: dont convert the audio file to CCITT. it makes the sound come out choppy and poor quality. rather change the recording format to CCITT and then record at that codec. you get much better results

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