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Thread: installation for 160 users

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    Default installation for 160 users


    Can someone suggest me a solution for an installation with about 160 users ?
    I've found a solution with 3 quardos 4x (configuration as master and slaves + extension key) but it doesn't look so sexy to my mind. Is there a bigger product in preparation ?

    thanks for your help


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    If you find it I'd be very interested in hearing about it. Keep us posted.


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    If you are not happy with the Stacking Quadro option, then probably you need QuadroM32x Here is the short description of that product.

    QuadroM32x - If 60 users was just not enough, then this new IP PBX should fulfill your needs. The 32x will incorporate the new 5.0 software version which includes the features from 4.1 plus new tools like an integrated conference bridge and Compact Flash slot for greater storage. Greater overall capacity is the main focus of this solution. Support for up to 192 IP Extensions with a concurrent call capacity of up to 80 calls. There are also plans for an integrated E1/T1 port directly on this phone system. Estimated BETA for this system is now late March.

    If you are interested in beta testing of this product then contact Warren Sonnen (our Director of Product Management) directly by e-mail by referring forum topic

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    Thanks for your reply. In the meantime, before official release of the QuadroM32x, what do you suggest if this customer wants a quick intégration.

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    At the moment we can only suggest Quadro stacking option, the description of which can be found in "Stacking Quadros Version 2" document. It placed in our WEB, under "Channel Portal -> Support Documents -> Installation Scenarios" section. Some features will not be available when using this setup, but in generel you'll got a network of Quadros that will work as a single IP-PBX.

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