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Thread: SNOM intermittant "echo"

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    Default SNOM intermittant "echo"

    hope this is an easy one. My installation of the Quadro16xi has approx 10 Snom phones plus 15 analogue phones.

    Intermitantly users are hearing a loud echo on both the IP and analogue lines. Is there anything obvious that I should be looking at? I've adjusted the gain on the analogue lines and this seems to have improved it but still I don't know where to go with the IP phones.

    Thanks again,


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    Hi Paul, first of all we must know in what exact calls you have this echo ? If it is during IP/ITSP calls, then the echo issue must be solved on opposite side, not in Quadro. If you're experiensing the echo during ISDN calls, then the echo cancellation parameters must be adjusted on your Quadro - playing with gains will not help much in this case. If this the case then please contact to our TSS and they will help to find the correct settings for echo cancellation to work correctly with your Telco. Also you can find a document placed in our web, under Downloads section, describing echo cancellation adjusting and a small echo analysing SW tool.

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    the call type are ISDN, I've asked for more specific info like is it to long distance or mobile phones etc. but they can't tell me.

    I'll do as you suggest and read that echo cancellation doc.



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    OK, Paul. Let us know if the problem will be finally solved, otherwise we'll help you find out the correct echo adjustment settings.

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    thanks for the tip but where do I find the echo analyser software? I've tried the software download area but can't find it.


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    Hi Paul,
    It's in the section labeled "Quadro Performance and Diagnostics".


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    thanks I found it.


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