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Thread: Radius of DDI's

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    Default Radius of DDI's

    Hi, I would like to do RADIUS accounting of all calls received not just calls via the call routing table

    Any Idea's?

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    It is possible to use custom VXML on Auto Attendant. In this case accounting can be done for any scenarios with FXO->AA->SIP scenario or vice versa or any other combination where AA is a part of scenario.

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    I have accounting active on all calls going via the call routing table. I was after direct sip calls to an extension or maybe a universal RADIUS setting to turn it on on all calls. sort of like the sip multicast notify feature but sending that info to a RADIUS server.

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    There is no special feature like universal RADIUS settings for all calls, but you can configure Quadro to route all calls (incoming and outgoing) through call routing and enable accounting on them. For example to route all incoming calls to call routing you need to enable "Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing" checkbox and create rule for incoming calls with enabled accounting. Now all sip calls coming directly to extension will go through routing.

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