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Thread: 4.1.50 firmware?

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    Default 4.1.50 firmware?

    I've looked at the 4.1.52 firmware release notes and it states that you can only upgrade a Quadro16xi to this lastest release from 4.1.50 onwards. The problem is I can't find the 4.1.50 firmware in the download area of this site. Any tips?



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    There is no such statement in Release Notes of 4.1.52. Probably you were confused with the sentence "A software upgrade can be made from 2.4.50 (!!!) or later software". This sentence has always been there and means that you can put 4.1.52 on the Quadros that are running 2.4.50 or higher versions, like 4.1.33, 4.1.40, etc. In other words, you can upgrade your Quadro to 4.1.52 from ALL versions that are not below 2.4.50.

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    My mistake, instead of rush reading through docs I'll have to slow down in future.

    Thanks again,


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    No problem, Paul. We all need to be more attentive while reading the helps/manuals

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