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    Just a quick question regarding supported phones for the Quadro 2x
    We are capable of up to 5 concurrent calls, we have one receptionist and some others who need to be mobile plus some users who only take one call at a time and sit at a desk all day.
    What phones would be the best/easiest support for this environment (we have a POE switch)
    I would like to use either cisco or linksys phones if possible.
    there is a linksys wireless phone available - WIP330.

    Many Thanks

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    Hi, I will recommend to use Snom360 or Aastra5xi series phone for the Receptionist, that he/she can be able to watch the status of other phones and also intercept the calls on them if needed.
    If you want to use Cisco or Linksys phones with Quadro, then the only model of Cisco recommended by Quadro is a Cisco7960. The Linksys phones aren't tested with Quadro, so we can't say anything about the configuration and usage of these phones. Maybe other members of this forum can give some recommendadtion about these phones.
    Here is the full list of Epygi Supported/Tested phones for your reference. There are also several documents in our WEB, under "Channel Portal login -> Support Documents -> System Configuration" section describing the configuration steps and feature codes for each phone. We recommend to use these phones with Quadro in order to have less troubles later. We also continuously adding more phones into our Supported/Tested phones list.

    1. Supported phones (Quadro supports P-n-P and Autoprovisioning for those models)

    GrandStream BT100
    GrandStream BT200
    QCM (Quadro Communication Manager - softphone)

    2. Tested phones (Quadro supports Autoprovisioning for these phones, but certain features may not work due to phones' limitations)

    PolycomSoundPoint IP300
    PolycomSoundPoint IP501
    PolycomSoundPoint IP601
    IPDialod SIPToneII

    3. Other phones

    You need to configure these phones manually and we do not guarantee the correct functionality of these phones.

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    Any ideas to register Wip330 Linksys in epygi ??

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    Have you tried to configure that phone manually ? I believe that the setup is not so difficult, just we don't have Linksys phones in our lab and it is not tested/recommended by Epygi to be used with Quadro.
    Actually the biggest expert of Linksys phones (and Linksys IP-PBXs) in our forum is ssteiner. He has a bunch of Linksys phones and quite long experience of configuring them. You can send a message to him directly using forum tools - maybe he'll suggest something.

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