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    Default MER setup

    I have calls coming into ext 18 and want ext15,16,17,19 to ring when the call to ext 18 is incoming.

    So I logged into the quadro as ext 18 and enabled the MER for those extensions but when the call comes in only ext 18 is ringing....

    What have I done wrong??

    ALso I wanted to create an extension with no line attached (ext40) then route all incoming calls to that and enable MER..But that didnt work either just got a disconnected signal..

    I guess I am missing something obvious....


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    Point 1.

    Ensure that the extensions are Enabled(attached) on the MER screen by clicking on the bold enable/disable option.

    You must then check the box for "Enable Service" at the top of the screen and then click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

    Point 2.

    I suspect that following the procedure above will address this too. Remember that you need to ensure that calls are being routed to ext 40 in the first place. Either via the incoming call route in the call routing table or under the ISDN configuration.


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    Nah have done all that but the call will fail and no extensions ring at all..

    Check out the screen shots of my config.

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    Hi MJ,
    I see the problem why extn 40 doesn't work for MER. Go to extn 40 and when you click Supplementary Services/Caller ID Based Services you will be on the page that has 2 entries: "Other Addresses" and "PBX-40". All you need to do is click on the "Other Addresses" and add the settings for MER. It will now work once it is enabled.

    You can then go to the previous page and delete the entry "PBX-40". With your entry the MER feature will ONLY work if the call originated from extn 40. On this page you can specify certain features to be active based on the originators Caller Id.

    Application: You can add your wif'es cell phone number as the Caller Id and have her calls Call Forward No Answer to your cell phone whereas ALL Other callers would go to Vmail.

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