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Thread: Quadro 2x extension SIP registration issue.

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    Default Quadro 2x extension SIP registration issue.

    I got a Quadro2x at home sitting behind my Internet Router ( Netopia ). I have allowed ports 5060 to 5070 through to the LAN.

    I have an analoue phone connected to FXS line 1 and have set it up as extension 11.

    The extension 11 does not seem to register with the SIP Server but sometimes it does and then drops out.

    Within extension 11s config I have the following:

    SIP Settings:

    Username: paulk

    Password: whatever

    SIP Server:
    SIP Port: 5060
    Registration on SIP Server: Yes.

    Also I’ve configured up “Advanced SIP Settings”;

    Authentication User Name: paulk

    Send Keep-alive Messages to Proxy
    Timeout (sec ): 113

    Outbound Proxy;
    Host address:
    Port: 5060

    Has anyone any ideas?

    Is there any logs facility where I can watch SIP debug outputs?



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    Hi Paul, probably your Router isn't configured correctly to forward the outside pakcets to Quadro. Please check the Router settings first. If it is possible, can you disable NAT on your Router at all and check if the registration is OK in that case ?
    You can see the Quadro SIP logs from "System -> Diagnostics -> Show System Logs -> View System Logs -> SIP Registration" page. To have more debug output you need to check and save the "Enable Developer Logging" option from "System Logs Settings" tab.

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    thanks for that. I disabled NAT on the Internet Router and the SIP registration works fine now.



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    So it was a Router configuration problem then. Just remember, that if you'll ever need NAT on your router, you must configure correct the port forwardings to pass incoming traffic to the devices inside.

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