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Thread: Getting Aastra 57iCT to Authenticate with Quadro2x

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    Default Getting Aastra 57iCT to Authenticate with Quadro2x

    We have a client with a Quadro2x installed.

    We have been trying to get an Aastra 57iCT and a 53i (our one here as a test phone) to work as a remote ext. After 30 hours of testing and frustration we have finally got the phone to register properly with the Quadro, however as the last thing on the Aastra screen is it asks for a Quadro Password. None of the passwords or user names associated with the remote ext, extension, line or even the quadro admin level make a difference.

    With no password the phone does not work and no registration shows on the Quadro. Guess that because the phone does not authenticate the Quadro cuts it off. It will work if the Ext username and password is entered in the phone, but under the status screen in the Quadro there is no phone linked to line 8 and it shows as Temp Offline.

    Is there a password i have missed?

    Knowing the issues others have had with Aastra phones unless we can get this resolved we will not be recommending Aastra phones again.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Hi, actually there isn't wrong anything with Quadro or Aastra, you just need to configure your phone and Quadro properly and it's not so difficult.
    First of all you are configuring a Remote Extension, not local IP-Phone, so the status of Line8 (I guess this is an IP-Line) will be temporarely offline, as it shows the state of local connected phone.
    Second, to configure a Remote Extension on Line8 you need to go to Extensions Management page and edit the extension to which the Line8 is attached. Then in the Remote Settings page you need to check the option "Enable" and enter a username/password (note, that this username/password must be different from what you've entered into Quadro's IP-Line settings). The same username and password must be filled in Aastra's appropriate fields. Also you need to fill the username also in Aastra's "Autentication Name" field. Fill the Quadro's WAN IP as a Registrar. If the Quadro's SIP port is different than 5060, then the changed port must be filled in Aastra as well.
    Inform me about results.

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    I wish it was that simple. With those setting in place the phone does not have a red light / No Service showing but you can not make or recieve calls either to other extensions or to an external number.

    Phone replies with a busy signal.

    Also as last part of a restart the phone displays 'unknown error'.

    As a test a Snom 320 does allow calls from remote extension to other extensions but not the other way. It asks for a password also as final part of boot up however entering the remote ext password set in quadro makes not difference.

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    Have you tried to setup an IP-Phone as a Remote Extension on the same network as Quadro ? It seems to me that the configuration of IP-Phones are still incomplete or incorrect and you have a NAT/Router problem in your setup.
    Check the actual registration state of remote phone from "System -> Status -> IP-Line Registraton status" page. It is possible to make calls and not receive calls when the phone is configured but not registered.
    The phone will ask for password in case if there is a wrong password configured on it. Make sure that the passwords on the Phone and Remote Extension (not on IP-Line !) are the same.
    Here is a trick to configure Snom/Aastra phone easly. Put the phone on LAN side of Quadro and configure it via P-n-P or Autoprovisioning feature. As soon as the phone will be configured with Quadro, configure Remote Extension's settings on Quadro, then move the phone to Remote location. Change Phone's IP Address and fill new username/password with the same analogy that Quadro putted on the phone.

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