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Thread: Voicemail activation issue.

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    Default Voicemail activation issue.

    have a SNOM360 as reception,
    when the phone is engaged and another person tries calling it they go straight to voicemail, how do you change it so that subsequent calls hear a ringing or go into a queque and then after the normal ring period i.e. no answer they go into voicemail?



    P.S. You must have guessed I'm out on a site call....keeping you busy :-)

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    Paul, did the Snom phone configured by Receptionist Wizard ? I think no Please configure the phone by Wizard and you'll have queue enabled on that extension. Or check Call Waiting option both on Quadro extension and on Snom. Probably it is disabled somewere. To enable queue on extension go to Extension's Edit page and configure Call Queue Settings with "Max Call Queue Appearance - 1".

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    yes that worked thanks. What does the Max call Queue Appearance = 1 actually mean? That there can only appear 1 call in the Queue?


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    Paul, Max Call Queue Appearance will determine how many calls are presented to the phone. If it is set to 2, the phone can put the 1st call on hold and answer a 2nd call. The 3rd caller will stay in the Queue.
    Call Queue Size is how many callers are allowed in the Queue.

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