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Thread: Epygi IP-PBX and Exchange 2007 UM Role

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    Post Epygi IP-PBX and Exchange 2007 UM Role

    Hi there,

    It is quit long time ago that Exchange 2007 and it's Unified Messaging Role was introduced to world. I'm wondering if there is any chance to get some info about possibilities for supporting it by Quadros IP-PBXs. Since Cisco rolled out their UC500 Series IP-PBX for SMB with really reasonable prices and offcourse with support for Ex2007 UM server it is quit frustrating that Epygi's boxes still doesn’t support it (or I’m not aware of it).
    I fully understand that main reason why the Quadro IP-PBX and UM doesn't like each other is the way how MS handle SIP request passed to UM on port 5060 which default always return response as busy with offer use port 5061 or 5062 managed by Worker Process.

    I had chance to work with both systems (Epygi and Cisco) and honestly I like Epygi's
    freedom of configuration, but because of missing support for Ex2007 UM (it will be part of next Generation of MS SBS) unfortunately I probably will need start focus on Cisco's UC500 Series.

    Please, if exists any docs or at least info about supporting/configuring the Quadros for cooperation with EX2007 UM, let us know.

    PS: Really I love Quadros...
    PSS: One more idea. What about adding support for Faxing out feature to IP-PBX? It will be really handy to be able sent fax by email/printing/ or just from IE GUI.

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    Hi, your main question will be answered by our managament.
    As per sending FAXes received by Quadro through e-mail, it was implemented on Quadro long time ago You just need to configure your Quadro's mail settings from "System -> Mail Settings" page and then enable "Send new voice messages via e-mail" option on the extension receiving FAX by mentioning the destination e-mail address/addresses. Don't be afraid of "Send new voice messages via e-mail" name - this feature works for FAX messages as well, and the option's name will be changed soon.

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    Hi Aramk,

    Thank you for reply.

    I'm happy to hear and I'm looking forward to see possibilities for cooperation between Quadros IP-PBXs and Exchange 2007.
    Regards to faxing, the implemented feature to send received faxes and voice mails in email format is great and I and our customers love it very much. Probably I didn't explain/write my idea clearly. (Sorry about that, I'm not native English speaker).
    I meant functionality which gives to customers ability not only receive faxes/voice mails to email but also sent email or attachments through Quadro to third party without having fax machine connected to FXS port of Quadro. Simply just grab a file on PC, or write email and sent/print it to Quadro, and Quadro as proxy will dial out to specified number and send a standard fax.
    I fully understand that it is quite complicated task to achieve something like that. At this moment Quadros are excellent IP-PBX systems and very reliable with great functionality. The faxing out feature can be just “cherry on top of the cake”  and it makes it totally complete system for paperless business .

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    Hi, now I've got your point ! I'll write a request about this feature, but cannot guarantee that it will be implemented soon. Thank you to be interested in our products and for suggestions.

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    regarding Aram's reply on 1/21 about forwarding voice or fax messages by email. Is it possible to only forward fax messages and not forward voice messages?

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    Quote Originally Posted by networthfs View Post
    Is it possible to only forward fax messages and not forward voice messages?
    No, it's not possible. The checkbox is designed to forward both FAX and voice messages via e-mail.

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    Hi Aramk,
    It is almost 4 months after I posted query about Exchange 2007 and Quadro IP-PBX. When I can expect any answer if it will be ever supported? Is there any chance get answer?

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    Hi there,

    I have found an T38 Fax application manufacturer that is in the process of making the package available to me in Australia.
    It allows for you to be able to send faxes from a windows desktop via the epygi using the resources the epygi has natively.

    I believe the Epygi people might be aware of this one and could be looking into OEMing it for themselves.. stay tuned or talk with your Epygi Reseller for more information.

    BTW, you can also have individual mail boxes for faxes and it is possible to have a redirect in your standard voicemail box to be sent to your private virtual mail box used purely for faxing.

    Under the voicemail settings of your voicemail box will have a redirect for faxes.. just create a virtual extension and allocate enough memory on a per voicemail box for the faxes ... on an ISDN version of a Quadro you could do direct faxing by DID ( direct InDial ) so you could have a DID for your extension and one for your private fax ...

    Paperless office or reduction of paper anyway ...


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    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for your suggestion. It is nice to know that there is solution for faxing out. At this point it is not heavily important for me to be able fax out. I started this thread because lack of support for UM Role of Exchange 2007. The faxing out was just suggestion, but again thank you for letting know
    I’m still looking forward to integrate MS Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging with IP-PBX from Epygi.
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    To be honest I know that the Epygi distrutor in Australia has integrated their MS Exchange server with the M32 version of an Epygi Quadro....

    I have heard they can play their emails, voicemails etc .. both ways... via exchange and via the Epygi... play the MS calendar items thru the telephones etc...

    I will ask a question or 2...



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