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Thread: Multi Extension Ringing and non virtual extensions

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    Default Multi Extension Ringing and non virtual extensions

    We have a bunch of phones that should be deployed in a tandem configuration (meaning if they receive an external call, both should ring simultaneously - it's mainly done for people who have both a desk phone, and a portable WLAN or DECT phone). We used to use shared lines on the Linksys PBX, but since the shared line isn't done on the Epygi yet, I configured a virtual extension per "tandem", route calls to that virtual extension via call routing, and then activate the multiple extension ringing feature. This is all fine, but in doing so, the voicemail of either extension that ends up ringing won't kick in.

    So I figured I'd try something else: instead of using the virtual extension, I'd route the call to the deskphone (which has a voicemail), and activate mer on the deskphone so that the wireless phone will also ring - but since the latter has no voicemail, I figured after the no answer timeout the vm of the main extension would kick in (having mwi only on the deskphone is sufficient). However, what happens now is that the deskphone no longer rings. Then once the no answer timeout has elapsed, the call is transfered to the voicemail of the deskphone. Is there a way how I can get the deskphone to ring in parallel to the wireless phone and still retain a single voicemail box tied to the deskphone (or if it has to be, the wireless phone.. I know you could have a virtual mailbox but I really need MWI on at least one of the two phones).

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    Hi Stephan, just include the deskphone to the MER list Inform me about results.

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    That worked out just fine Thank you.

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