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Thread: FXO Network Failure - 4.1.50 & 4.1.40

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    Default FXO Network Failure - 4.1.50 & 4.1.40

    Hello Guys,

    This is the situation.

    Tried on both 4.1.40 & 4.1.50 not tried below 4.1.40

    Quadro 2x. Incoming PSTN line.
    Fax connected to Line 1 (ext 11)


    I am trying to get the Incoming PTSN call (FAX) to be sent through to line 1 and be answered and fax received. What occurs is that the fax rings and answers however the calling phone or fax continues to ring as if no signal is being sent back via to the FXO port.

    Tried using PSTN phone in place of fax and on picking up the phone there is silence and the calling phone continues to ring.

    Called the fax from another extension and work as it should.

    Changed the PSTN line to an IP extension and the same happens when there it is sent to the fax extension.

    Tried to call out via the PSTN line (which I have never used previously) and get the message "IP connection cannot be established"

    Looking at the logs and see that the reason for the unsuccessful call states " "Network Failure" FXO network failure. "

    There appears to be an issue with information passing from the Quadro side through to the PSTN as I have tried as many configurations that I can think of and replaced filters, cords etc. However I don't think this is the problem as I get the same error either from an analogue phone or and IP phone trying to use the FXO port.

    Spoke to alloy however they have not heard of the problem previously. I did not have a fax set up with a version lower than 4.1.40. I did have the quadro answering faxes and these started to have problems recently with the BLF indicator for the fax extension always busy after a call and the fax not being received.

    Any help or advice appreciated.

    Coast VoIP

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    The described problem cannot be related to some specific release, it should work in all releases. To diagnose the issue please enable the developer logs (from systemlogs.cgi hidden page) and make the following test. Configure FXO to send the inbound calls to Auto Attendant. Connect regular analogue phone to line 1. Make a call from PSTN phone to Quadro's Auto Attendant, on attendant's prompt dial the extension connected to line 1. When the phone rings, answer the call, check if you hear the voice on both ends and disconnect the call from PSTN side. Download the logs. Submit the ticket to Epygi's technical support, attach the logs and describe in all details the steps you've passed through during the test including the test scenario described above. Your ticket will be handled immediately and technical support will advise you on the following steps.

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    Thanks and I have done this.

    Didn't get through to the auto attendant though on the calling phone however could see that the auto attendant answered the phone.

    Ticket submitted.



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    Thanks to the great assistance of Souren from tech support it was established that the unit was faulty.



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