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Thread: IP PBX connecting to FX0 Gateway

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    Default IP PBX connecting to FX0 Gateway

    Hi There,

    I know that this question should be in the Gateway section...
    I am just reading on how to physically connect the FX0 to an existing IP PBX unit the manuals states the following:

    "Both Quadro IP PBX and QuadroFXO/QuadroISDN devices are connected in the network visible to each other and have static IP addresses. However, it is recommended to have WAN port of QuadroFXO/QuadroISDN connected to the LAN of Quadro IP PBX "

    What i don't understand with this is that the IP PBX is then connected to a switch and all IP phones via the WAN port allowing only 10Mbps, wouldn't this cause a traffic issue having all IP phones communicating with the IP PBX via the WAN port or even cause jitter and sound problems?

    Why is it recommended to connect in this way? why not have both units connecting via a switch and their LAN ports?



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    Hi Shaun, first of all I would say that 10Mbps is quite enough for all IP-Phones communicating via Quadro WAN side and it will not cause a traffic, jitter or sound issues, otherwise we would not recommend that configuration The reccomended connection of QuadroFXO/ISDN(1) with Quadro IP-PBX(2) is the WAN(1) to LAN(2) option, as it is described in manual, otherwise you'll have a network and voice quality problems. You need to do some extra configuration in case of connecting the Quadro units by their LANs and even after that we can't guarantee that you'll not have other (unexpected) problems too. By the way, what troubles/difficulties you have with the suggested network setup ?

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