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Thread: Since Epygi 4.1.50 - SNOM370 multiline doen't work

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    Default Since Epygi 4.1.50 - SNOM370 multiline doen't work


    Yesterday I installed FW 4.1.50 on my Epygi. Today I recognised, that on my SNOM 370 7.1.30 the second SIP number does not work any more. Althouth Epygi and Snom tells that both lines are registered, I am not able to make interal or external call.

    Before I had 4.1.40 and everything was working with my Snom 370.

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    We've indicated a software problem here and it is already under investigation. I'll post here the reason of this and the fixing dates as soon as we'll find something.
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    For your INFO. Workaround: In the IP Line setting, where I can select the typ of phone, I changed my setting from SNOM370 to other.

    Now it's working again.

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    Thanks for workaround Actually the problem is more generic and not connected to SNOM 370 only. The problem is identified and fixed already. Will be inculded into next public release.

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