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Thread: Quadro default gateway for phones??

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    Default Quadro default gateway for phones??

    Hi all,
    In my set up I have the Quadro LAN interface IP address as the default gateway for my Network/ Subnet, also the Quadro is set up as the DHCP Server.
    I'm wondering doesthe Quadro LAN interface necessarily have to be the default Gateway for the Subnet the phones
    are on? Rather than all IP data destined for the Internet passing through the Quadro I'd like it to go directly to the Internet Router if possible, but if the Quadro has to be the default gateway for the phones this is not possible. Can someone please advise?



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    Paul, if your IP-Phones are placed in Quadro LAN side and registered on Quadro, also getting IPs from Quadro DHCP server, then only Quadro LAN IP-Address must be the Default Gateway for phones, in order to orginize the call process correctly. In case if you want to place the phones in the Quadro's LAN and register them not on Quadro, but on the device behind the Quadro, bypassing Quadro, then you can use Filtering Rules in Firewall/NAT page and set some port forwarding to acheive that.

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    thanks for your informative reply. I'm wondering if I have the phones on the lan side of the Quadro and I have a dedicated DHCP Server, should all the PCs and phones still have their default gateway as the IP address of the Quadro LAN interface? If so does this mean that all internet traffic on this LAN would have to traverse the Quadro's LAN interface to it's WAN interface ( squeezed to 10meg/half ) to reach the Internet?

    Hope this is clear,


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    The answer for your both questions is "Yes"

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