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Thread: Snom phone MWI after reboot

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    Default Snom phone MWI after reboot

    I've just upgraded to 4.1.50 on a 4x, and I saw in the release notes that the issue regarding Snom phones and MWI after rebooting should be fixed.

    The issue was if you have lamp notification enabled on an extension with a Snom phone attached to it, and that extension has new voicemail, if your reboot the phone the light does not come back on to indicate so.

    This appears to be fixed if you reboot the phone by pressing settings, reboot. But if you unplug the phone from power and plug it back in, it does not light the MWI when it boots back up. Anyone else noticing this?
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    Thanks for finding this ! I managed to reproduce that situation in our testlab. It is under investigation now. I'll inform about the results later.

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    Finally I found the reason of this. Let me explain what is happening when we reboot the Snom phone from Settings and by power-cutting.

    1. Rebooting from Settings. In this case Snom sends "Unregister" message to the Quadro. Quadro clears the phone from its list of IP-Phones. After successfully booting the phone sends "Register" to the Quadro. Quadro is registering the phone as new and sending Voice Mailbox status as well.

    2. Rebooting by power-cutting. The phone doesn't send "Unregister" message, but only "Register" after booting. From Quadro perspective the phone was registered all the time and the "Register" message is only sequential one, so in this case Quadro doesn't send the Mailbox status to the phone, but only refreshing the phone's registration timeout. The MWI will be sent only after Mailbox's status change, e.g. after receiving new mail.

    The problem is still under investigation. I don't know if it is correct to send MWI to the phones on every "Register". Our experts of SIP will provide a solution based on SIP RFCs and the Quadro behavior will be changed, or this particular scenario will be added into Release Notes..

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    The appropriate request to fix this problem was added into our Database and developers are already working on it. Release Notes are also will be changed to reflect this problem.

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