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Thread: Quadro ISDN Gateway SIP Proxy / Client - Connect to SoftPBX.

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    Smile Quadro ISDN Gateway SIP Proxy / Client - Connect to SoftPBX.

    Greetings to the community.

    After a long search and trials, I am still in problem finding a way of realizing the following scenario:

    Items on hand:
    1. Axon SoftPBX (
    2. Q. ISDN Gway WAN:, LAN:
    3. LinkSys SPA941 SIP Phone (
    4. ISDN NT Adapter with 2 ISDN BRA from Local Telephony Provider

    Using the Axon SoftPBX, place calls and receive calls at the SPA941. All the automatic attendant features and other stuff will be handled by Axon.

    Done so far:
    1. Achieved to place calls from SPA941 to ISDN by using Asterisk and applied the following configurations:
    Astersik / extensions.conf
    exten => _8XXXXXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@
    exten => _8XXXXXXXXXX,3,Congestion

    Quadro / Call Routing Table
    Patterns: * Pattern Modification: NDS:1 Call Settings: ISDN trunk: Any Port(User)

    The reason I used Asterisk is because it allows calls to be placed using any provider WITHOUT using a specific account. By selecting the Quadro as "provider", it just sends the call to it and the Quadro gets the ISDN line of hook.
    The Axon need a valid Username, Password, Proxy and Port. These are basic needs of any SIP client.

    How can we setup SIP user registration parameters for each ISDN channel?
    How can we route any incoming call from the ISDN to these accounts?

    In this way, Axon will just add an external line that will be registered to the Quadro and that's ...all!

    I have seen that the option PSTN lines sharing could help but it only works with the existance of a Quadro IP PBX.

    Any help is needed.
    Thank you.

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    I've never used Axon version of Asterisk but other Asterisk flavours can send / receive calls through the ISDN GW without a SIP Registration (Username & Password)

    Try using something like the following in your SIP configuration in Axon for the Q. ISDN peer.
    # context=from-trunk
    # host=<IP ADDRESS OF Quadro> (default IP is
    # insecure=port
    # type=peer

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    Talking Axon is not an Asterisk clone.

    Thank you 3bit. But, Axon is a windows based SIP Proxy Server and it can only configure a trunk with a username and password.

    Asterisk can place calls to external destinations (i.e Quadro) without registration. I have managed to use my Asterisk installation in order to perform such a task.

    My problem is to configure Quadro Call Routing and other settings in order to communicate using SIP registration capabilities.

    I have downloaded the Admin manual and other stuff but I am still in the abyss...

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