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Thread: Support for Grandstream GXP 2000

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    What really bugs me about the GXP-2000s is the marketing pitch states they have "market leading superb audio quality". Which is just plain untrue.
    My company got burnt rolling out GXPs, having to replace the whole lot - now we won't go near them again. Besides, snom phones are better in every way except price. Although the snom 300 is cheaper, with a few less features - but I was just speaking to one of our staff who swapped from the GXP to 300, and doesn't miss the GXP.
    I don't mean to upset anyone on this forum, but I really do feel passionately against GXPs, and I think in the long run anyone who buys grandstream will replace it sooner or later with a better phone.
    Firmware can only fix so much, until they reach the limits of the hardware platform.


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    Just to inform everybody here that the Grandstream phones (BT100, BT200, GXP2000) are already in our Supported Phones' list.

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