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Thread: Support for Grandstream GXP 2000

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    Hi there,

    Any chance that the Grandstream GXP 2000 will be a supported phone in the near future?

    I hope so, as these are a neat little phone (and cheap as chips)

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    May I ask, how long have you been using the GXP 2000?
    It took us a while to realise how bad the audio quality (quiet, muffled etc) is on them, and we strictly do not use them anymore.

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    I've used the GXP for about 4 months now and have no issues with the quality of the phone other than that it has a lousy speaker phone.

    Keep in mind that I only have my analog phone to compare it with and find the quality decent.

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    Probably but not as a top tier phone like SNOM or ASTRA. Check our DOWNLOADS section for Ip Phone document and details of supported phones.

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    The grandstream phones are pretty low-end but then you get what you pay for :-) We had a customer that we told not
    to get the Grandstream phones but they were hooked by the low
    price. After deployment they ended up paying to have all the
    Grandstreams switched out to Polycoms.

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    We have been setting them up with a Quadro recently - basically they work fine (well even) but are not "supported" by Epygi.

    We had a problem where calls transfered between GXP2000 extensions would be dropped and it was traced (by Epygi support) to a codec problem - the GXP 2000 needs to be set with the codecs in the following order:


    I haven't confirmed that this works on any other system but it solved the problem on this occasion.

    We have not had any real call quality problems over from the phones themselves although the firmware does need to be kept up to date.

    We would also like Epygi to support these phones and evenbetter to integrate the configuration for them because the one Grandstream provide isn't easy to use, particularly on small systems.

    Hope that helps,


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    Further to my last post, I am getting reports of very weak audio during some calls.

    These phones are running firmware

    Which firmware version are you trying - has anyone else had a similar problem with these phones?


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    I beg Epygi not to support these awful phones. The chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and these phones are weak.
    Epygi has been striving for excellent voice quality - but all their hard work will be undone if you use GXP-2000s.
    The Quality Control at Grandstream is terrible. I've seen whole loads of their phones arrive without LAN ports.

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    Have switched to Snoms 320's. I still cant get the Grandstreams to register with the Quadro.
    @ oltconsulting. Any chance of sharing some screen dumps of your config page? Would like to compare between the two phones.

    Audio wise, I can really tell the difference between the Snom (through the Quadro) and the Grandstream (straight to Net). I only went with the Snom's because they integrate easier with the Quadro (though I did get help). Possibly, the audio quality issue could lie with your ITSP as Quadro to Quadro calls for me is crystal clear, whereas ITSP to land line is a bit muffled (looking to change soon)


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    My experience of the GXP2000s is that yes, they have had and do have problems; yes, the interface is horrible; yes the quality control is poor (watch out for bad power supplies) but overall they aren't THAT bad. There is a good WiKi and active development of the firmware to fix problems that are discovered.

    Anyway, given the chance, I'm sure it's a good idea to start with Snoms if you have the option.

    I didn't have any problems getting the phones to register but as above, there are some tweaks with codecs. I suggest resetting to factory defaults and entering the bare minmum information into Account 1 and see how you get on.

    If you PM me you email address, I will try to get some screenshots for you.


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