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Thread: Low voice sound from pstn line

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    Default Low voice sound from pstn line

    I did a Quadro2x install with 4 thomson st2030s, we can hear very well the caller from the pstn line but the voice to the caller is very low.

    I don't know how to up the mic volume in thomson st2030s or other tips.

    Thank you for reply.
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    Hi, i had the same problem, and an firmware upgrade on the phones solves that, also try to use the supported ip line configuration for ST2030 (quadro already support) (you must uncheck the "firmware control" option on IPLine configuration)


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    I did the firmware upgrade with 1.58 vr on thomson st2030s but I didn't uncheck the firmware version control, I will try soon test that and then I hope reply with good news.

    Thank you

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    it doesn't work much better. The caller hear us very low and we listen him very well. My quadro2x is in 4.1.40 firmware and thomson st2030s in 1.58.

    I don't have more idea. :-(

    Thank you for help

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    I am not an expert, but did you try to reconfigure the gain control.

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    No I didn't because I don't what value I must choose for transmit or receive gain. All the setting are by default.

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    As you can hear the caller very well, do not change the configuration on receive values, but try on transmit.

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    thanks for your help again, I tried your tips but I can't have more than 0 value, I can under 0 value but the sound was very poor. But I thought about something and I don't understand why? When you plug an ip phone behind the quadro the sound is ok by pstn and IP line. And when you plug the ip phone behind the routeur the sound is a little more low.

    Is it a lan problem as :interference? port firewall?

    I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEDIAPCSYSTEM View Post
    When you plug an ip phone behind the quadro the sound is ok by pstn and IP line. And when you plug the ip phone behind the routeur the sound is a little more low.
    Could you please explain exactly how your phones are configured with Quadro when you are experiencing a sound level problem ? When the phones are placed on Quadro's LAN, there is no problem, as I understand. What is the reason that you are not putting the phones in Quadro's LAN ?

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    Because I'm stupid and didn't read correctly the manual . No seriously, I found the solution by one of your thread Aramk.

    I didn't put the phone behind the quadro because the pstn line in the customer office is far to the network room. So I plugged like that. Anyway I understand now, because I readen many time and many threads in the forum.

    But it's very strange that's problem when you plug ip phone forward the quadro.

    So now GUYS! Plug all the IP phone behind the quadro!!!

    Thank you for your support.

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