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Thread: About Third Party Call Control interface of Quadro

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    I carried out the test call as suggested by you and the logs you asked for are attached here. Thanks for all the help.
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    Ok, the diagnosis is the folowing:
    we can see (both from these logs and from logs you sent to Yervand) that your phone at extension 313 ("phone2") is not answering to our INVITE message at all. So the call atempt to that phone is timed out.
    Also we can guess, that this phone is located behind a Symmetrical and "very secure" NAT, as the IP address/SIP port of the phone are constantly changing.
    And the most probably problem is that the firewall (which is that phone located behind) blocks the incoming requests, while it passes through the outgoing registration attempts from that phone.
    So, as often is said: "please check your network configuration"
    Or better make your experiments with phones located in the same subnet as Quadro LAN or WAN (as you prefer), not to create additional problems for yourself.

    Best regards,

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    Default Port 4849 access

    Hi David,

    Sometimes, after several requests, we lose port 4849 connection and we need to reboot Quadro.

    What do we need to check in order to have a persistent (at least a request every 3 sec) connection between our software (vtiger) and Quadro through 3pcc ? Such connection is required to catch incoming calls.

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    So I guess, the old problems are solved now, as you are asking new questions
    Nice to hear that

    Losing connection is not a common problem. I think it worth to collect the logs after you lose the connection, and send them to Yervand (you know his mail somehow
    I'll also look at them, and probable we can tell you the reason.

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    How did you guys impliment with Vtiger? We run the same software here. Were looking to make a connection between the PBX and Vtiger.

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    Default Vtiger - Quadro integration

    The indian vtiger team did a script for me for the Vtiger 5.04.

    If you are using this version, you could use this integration script.

    Let me know.

    Best regards.

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