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    Can't seem to get my Quadro 4 to forward on no answer to a PSTN phone... Anyone have some hints?


    Boot loader: 3.0.32/Release
    Firmware Version: 4.1.18FX/Release

    2 SIP lines, want one of the SIP lines to forward to a Cell Phone on no answer. It just rolls to voice mail. I have 20 seconds as the no answer timer and have created a rule with * as the orig Caller ID address and forward on no answer is enabled for that item.

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    First of all, please upgrade your Quadro firmware to the latest 4.1.40, which can be found in our Website.
    It seems to me that your problem have 2 different reasons.

    1. If the IP-Line isn't configured and there is no phone attahced to that Line, then No Answer and Busy forwarding will not work for that IP-Line. When Quadro tries to ring the IP-Line on incoming call and there is no IP-Phone configured/connected on that Line, the caller will get Voice Mail, because in this case Quadro expects an answer form the phone, that should send Busy or Riniging message to Quadro. You need to configure a phone on that IP-Line to be able use the No Answer Forwarding, or if there is a phone configured and the calls are still getting to Voice Mail, it means that the phone isn't registered correctly with Quadro.

    2. By default the routing rule for PSTN calls (9?*) is restricted to be used only by internal (PBX) users. So the caller from outside (SIP/PSTN) can't be forwarded to PSTN destinations. To allow this kind of forwarding you need to delete the default routing rule (from System Configuration Wizard), as the default rules are not editable, and create another one, with the same parameters, but without PBX restriction. For more details refer to "Preventing Unauthorized Calls on the Quadro" document, that can be found in our Website, under "Support Documents -> System Configuration -> Installing and Configuring Quadro" section.

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