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Thread: Inbound Caller ID also show IP address

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    Default Inbound Caller ID also show IP address

    Hi All

    Please can you help?

    I have just changed ITSP for one of my clients and now inbound calls also show the IP address i.e 01505111222@91.58.6x.xx

    Any ideas of how the IP can be removed?

    Using 2x and Snom300

    Many thanks


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    Andy, this is specific issue of ITSP and Snom. If I am not mistaken, in this case some information is missing in the ITSP's SIP messages and Snom is trying to "compensate" it by adding the IP Address after caller's username. You can try to get rid of that IP Address by changing the "Number Display Style" parameter on Snom phone. The location is "Setup -> Preferences -> General Information". Also you can play with Quadro "Templates for Caller ID" on the "generalconfig.cgi" hidden page.

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    Hi Aram

    Thanks for your help here. I can confirm that changing the "Number display style" in the Snom to "Number" fixed this problem.

    Thank you


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    You're always welcome, Andy The default value for Snom is "Name", so in some cases you need to configure that field manually.

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    If I am not mistaken, in this case some information is missing in the ITSP's SIP messages
    Do you by chance happen to know which information this is? I'm having the same issue on all my phones. I'll try your suggestion on my Snom370 but I have a bunch of other phones that don't have that setting.

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    This is the example when I was mistaken ) Actually Quadro does not modify the SIP messages from ITSP (if the calls are not routed to Quadro's routing table) and passes them to IP-Phones. IP-Phones will display the information sent by ITSP in "From" field. I suspect that some ITSPs do send the IP Address and some of them don't. You can compare SIP messages from different ITSPs (when ITSPs IP-Address is shown on phone and when only caller number is displayed), and find the difference. Anyway, this number display format must be choosen on IP-Phone, as Quadro does not modify the messages from ITSP. Another solution is to use "Route all SIP call to routing table", but in this case you need to have routing rules that will cover all the callers. Also you can play with Quadro "Templates for Caller ID" options on "generalconfig.cgi" hidden page.

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    Thanks, I'll try that. I also spotted a new option in the latest Linksys firmware that sounds promising as well (if it weren't for the cryptic options). I'll play around with those a bit and see if I find anything that works for the various devices I have.

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    Ok Stephan, let us know about results. That might be useful for other memebers of our forum.

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    I finally got around to testing the various settings on the Linksys phone. Unfortunately, none worked out so I'll be looking at the hidden page next.

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