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Thread: Setting up QXE1T1 with my old school PBX

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    Default Setting up QXE1T1 with my old school PBX

    Hello I purchased the qxe1t1 - I have an old school PBX system with a T1 card. I have plugged in the PBX T1 to the qxe1t1.

    I have a phone number with my VOIP provider, which is - I currently can use my provider and a soft phone on this provider to dial internally which routes the call to my qxe111, and from there I’ve setup the SIP for the setting to route incoming calls to the qxe111 attendant.**This then allows me to press the extension 7911, and then that routes the call to the t1 card (it only accepts 4 digits) and it answers properly.**However, I have to go through the attendant twice, every time.

    Also I’m unable to get the t1 line to dial out of the sip to my voip provider, it doesn’t seem to go from T1 to qxe1t1 and then out sip to my provider.**I can’t seem to get that to work at all, perhaps it’s a dial plan or something>

    I’m also unable to get my soft phone to connect directly to the qxe1t1, via my internal home network.**I have to connect to provider, then route to the sip connection on qxe1t1, I am not sure if this is something that needs an additional setting, such as “trusted user” this is the first time I’ve seen this setting somewhere.**I ran an asterisk server and it would connect just fine via sip on internal network (without having to go through

    My ultimate goal is..
    ****(1)****Dial phone number that is hosted on and have that route via sip to qxe1t1, and have that automatically route to the t1 (without having to go through the attendant)
    ****(2)****Have the T1 card be able to place an outgoing call (10 digits or 1+ ten digits) which would pass it off to the SIP connection to
    ****(3)****Be able to also add my soft phone to the qxe1t1, so I can connect to it locally to test and not have to go through my provider.

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    The QXe1T1 I need to configure to accept a incoming call and then transfer that incoming call to the PBX that I have plugged in to qxe1t1 thats simply what I need to do. Then the second step is if I dial outbound using PBX qxe1t1 needs to give an outside line or allow the PBX to dial a number outbound.
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