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Thread: URGENT - QX http and https port not accessible for admin (gui)

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    Exclamation URGENT - QX http and https port not accessible for admin (gui)

    Hi all,

    Epygi QX50 firmware 6.3.34 - everything works great except the admin access on the gui via a navigator. Around 20 phones are registred and can receive and make calls. An opened port check with Powershell Test-Conection show port 5060 is effectively open but port 80 and 443 give a stastus to false. A hard reboot changes nothing. Before proceding with a factory reset, somebody with a trick?



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    have you tried to access with a web browser to QX50 on internal (LAN) and external (WAN) interfaces? If not, can you try to access it with the other interface?

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