There are a number of old posts on this topic of how to stop unwanted calls from outside reaching an extension, but software and techniques have moved on so please excuse me from raising the topic again.

The current system (as far as I can see) works on a individual extension basis. Call comes in, user ends call, user enters *73, then Caller ID Services against that extension lists the calling number with the block flag.

There still doesn't seem to be an elegant way of blocking calls from a number to all extensions. Of course you would want such control to be admin level but you don't want to be looking at every blocked number for every extension and then transcribing it into the call routing table for example. It would be nice to look at the call history and then be able to select calling numbers and bulk add them to a blacklist for example.

What do you do to try and build/maintain such a list? Have I overlooked some new QX feature that does this?