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Thread: QX20 freezes crashes

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    Default QX20 freezes crashes

    I have a QX20 that was installed about 4 months ago. On two occasions now I've received a call that they are Out of Service. Symptoms are phones are not registered, can't call out, can receive calls. When I physically look at the box, the ethernet port is flashing, they have power. WHen I try to log into the system, the IP is not reachable. ecMON shows it as unreachable.

    I have been able to pull power and restore and the problem goes away. Of Course, I lose my logs when that is done, so I can't really tell what is going on with it at the time.

    Pretty basic system with 3 Polycom VVX410 phones, SIP Trunks. No analog trunks or stations. Basic call routing, that is.

    System was running 6.3.14. I updated to 6.3.34 today. Didn't see any fixes for system crashing, or similar. Curious if anyone else has had this issue?

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    I see in release 6.2.25 there is a fix for network ports freezing up - described as follows -- An option in the robustnetwork.cgi hidden page was added to enable/disable the “Network Freeze Detection” feature. This feature, which is disabled by default, designed to detect the network interface(s) freezing and restart the interface(s) if such problem is happening.

    I'm going to enable that feature to see if it helps my situation.

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