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Thread: Firmware for older products, upgrade from 16x to m8l

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    Default Firmware for older products, upgrade from 16x to m8l

    Hello, I am an owner of Epygi Quadro 16X and I am considering upgrading to used Quadro M8L. Currently I am using 19 IP phones.
    My 16x is very old locked down to 5.1.39 firmware because of internal memory limitation. It is also very slow which drives me crazy.

    Will Quadro M8L be noticeably faster? Is this a good upgrade path?

    I checked QX products but they are too expensive for me.

    In order to upgrade the new Quadro M8L to newest firmware where to look for it? The epygi page changed a lot since my last visit, previously drivers were readily available for download, not any more.

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    Please refer to the End of Life document available on the Epygi Support Portal.

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