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    Hi there, I am having a problem with matching an inbound DID number and routing it to an extension. If i leave "route all incoming SIP calls to call routing" un-ticked, all calls go through to the Extension management section and call forward to the swb phone. But as soon as i tick it, the call just rings. According to Vodacom they are sending 11 digits and my Call routing looks like this:
    I need number 27319411940 to go to Extension 940
    Pattern: 27319411???
    NDS: 8
    Destination: PABX
    Source Type: SIP

    I have also done:
    Pattern: 27319411940
    NDS: 11
    Prefix: 940
    Destination: PABX
    Source Type: SIP

    is there anywhere i can see exactly what digits are coming through to the PABX?

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    You can see the received number in the SIP logs, in the arriving INVITE message.

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