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    Default Call Queue problem

    I have QX50 and have 2 FXO lines attached to it.

    I created a Call Queue in extension 2112 and I need to have it so that when extension 2112 is busy, the next caller goes into the queue... the problem is that it only works with calls from other extensions, but if I call from the the PSTN lines, the second call just gets a "Number dialed temp unavailable..."

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong...

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    Could you please clarify how the second incoming call reaches the QX50, are you trying to make a call using the FXO line that is already in the call, or the next free line ?
    If you are trying to call thru FXO line is already in use then that message is normal. FXO line is not capable to handle more than one call at the same time, this is the limitation of analog FXO lines.


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