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Thread: Fax to email

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    Default Fax to email

    If possible to recieve fax in mailbox or via email

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    Of course it is possible

    First of all check on the extension, where you want to receive a FAX, if the "Enable T.38 FAX" (in case if you want to receive a FAX using T.38)and "Enable Pass Through FAX" options are enabled or not. These options are placed in the Codecs page for every extension and enabled by default. Then check, if the extension has enough memory and increase it from Extension Edit page, if needed. Call from Fax machine to the extension and wait until Voice Mail Service will answer, then press "Start" buttonon your FAX machine, to initiate a FAX. Quadro will receive the FAX and store it into the extension's mailbox as an attachment inTIFF format. You can print that FAX from *0 (VMS login) menu from the phone, or you can download it from the Quadro's GUI (from Voice Mailbox page of extension),or you can enable "Send new voice messages via e-mail" option from the extension's "Voice Mail Settings" page and send the FAX file as an attachment to the defined e-mail address. In this case check alsoifthe Quadro's System Mail Settings are enabled and configured properly ("System -> Mail Settings" page).Edited by: aramk

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    It's work but not very good result.

    The image is flattens

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    Sorry, what do you mean by saying "The image is flattens" ? From were the FAX is sent ?

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    sorry my english is not very good.

    ok the originale page sent is 8½x11
    the recieve page is 8½x5

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    We aren't aware of such problem with FAX. The problem might be connected to your viewer. Could you please browse the TIFF file with different viewers and inform us about results ?
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    Default Fax to Email

    i seem to have trouble with fax to email on the quadro
    The issue is that everytime there is a fail fax a slient wave file is emailed

    Why would this be

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    Do you have the TIFF file attached together with that WAV file, or is that just the WAV file in the mail?

    In the latter case, you will most probably need to update to the latest FW version. There was such problem in one of older versions, but it is resolved now.

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    Quadro 2xi firmware 5.1.31 *still* has problems receiving from all fax machines.
    I have a pure VoIP system with MyNetFone Australia that it is easy to show certain sending fax machines/phone lines mean the fax to email only turns-up as a wav attachment.

    Receiving to a hardware fax machine works everytime

    Actually, Davrays, how about I enable diagnostic logging so you can see what is going on.
    Fax to email is *not* robust and I would love to see this problem fixed.

    Please advise exactly what logging you need enabled so I can assist.
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    Exclamation Compressin problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparxnet View Post
    sorry my english is not very good.

    ok the originale page sent is 8½x11
    the recieve page is 8½x5
    What he means is that the image is compressed. I use to experience such problem and it is usually the results of a different type of image type. But that is with my old fax machine where fax are forwarded to my computer. But with modern fax to email I never experience such compression problems.

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