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Thread: Link Microsoft Access to Epygi?

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    Can you tell me please if it is possible to link Microsoft Access to the Epygi system?

    I would like our database to bring up client records based on the number calling........


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    Unfortunately, currently there is no way to link Microsoft Access to the Epygi system and use it in the way described by you.

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    You might want to contact a developer and use 3pcc... in Australia we have a developer looking at incorporating an interface to allow the 3rd party call control to talk with Goldmine as a TAPI replacement. This will allow screen pops with customer details etc on incoiming and outgoing calls.



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    Please share the information with us, if you'll get something working. Though it is not in Epygi's primary interests, this might be useful for other customers too.

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    I have made software that works with pos systems that sends the caller id to the pos terminal which then gathers the customers info to enter the sale. eg. Pizza place.

    Go to

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    I heard about you from Greg at Alloy ...

    Great to see some more talent working with the Epygi product and receiving the rewards....



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    I have just Started a new Thread with a little info on the software.

    Epygi Call Control

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