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Thread: phone line can send out fax but not receive

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    Default phone line can send out fax but not receive

    I don't know very much about PBX systems. We have a PBX with mostly VOIP phones and a few faxes and a couple digital phones. The phone work fine but about a month ago the faxes stopped being able to be received. If you call their number it just rings and there is no answer. But those fax machines can fax out. If I plug in one of the digital phones into those fax phones they don't turn on at all. We did have some contractor unplug a box in the server that turned off all the telephone line jacks. I plugged it in but no those phones will sometimes cut out and the we have that fax problem. What could be the issue?
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    First step is verify you have the correct fax number. Check with pbx/phone vendor that number is programmed correctly. Check that any adapter/gateway are plugged in. Bring a standard analog phone like you would find at you house and plug it in to where the fax is plugged in. Make test call out - verify correct number. Make test call in.

    If still ring no answer call service provider to confirm ownership of number and that there is no forwarding.
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