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Thread: HUD Lite integration into Quadro

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    Would it be possible to integrate HUD Lite from Fonality with Quadro? And if possible how can it be done ?

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    My guess is no - because it would be heavily tied in with Asterisk.

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    Generally prospects wants CTI and click to dial to differentiate from existing PABX. Of course if more functionalities are available it would be a plus. That is the reason of our demand of HUD integration with Quadro or something else. We have tested the Trixbox with HUD and SugarCrm and prospects are impressed.

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    Well watch this space.... I have a developer that is looking to port the 3rd Party Call Control into an interface that integrates with Goldmine
    a commercial CRM package that works with screen pops... etc

    This will be happening shortly and I will post once this has happened.

    But be mindful that Epygi are still writing a TAPI interface which will allow you to integrate a Quadro with CRM packages... its just a matter of time till they finish it.... they have the new telephony platforms being worked on for delivery early next year though so that is taking precedence over the development of the TAPI interface as far as I am aware.



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    IS there now a TAPI interface, or a Goldmine integration?
    Thank you.


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