I have set up my OpenVPN server:
Server Configuration
Enable OpenVPN Server
Listening Port: 1194
Protocol: UDP
Device: TUN
Virtual Network: / 24
Dynamic IP Address Pool: from to
Keep Alive: 10
Timeout: 60
Duplicate-CN Ticked
Client-to-Client Not ticked
Push Route to LAN side Not ticked

My client is configured as:
Common Name: [Name concealed but unique]
Server IP/Host: [the WAN IP of my fixed IP Quadro]
Server Port: 1194
Protocol: UDP
Device: TUN
Static IP Address: Blank
Route all traffic through the tunnel - Blank
Ignore Push Routes - Blank

Using my iPhone on the Mobile network, I can connect to the OpenVPN and can log into the Quadro using its LAN address. However, I cannot see any other network addresses on the LAN side. Help!