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Thread: Issues with call billing

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    I have installed installed and configured radius correctly and installed the epygi billing system. The quadro is sending call information to the database correctly but no billing is being done. I have worked with 2 scenarios/questions

    1. I have created a customer tariff with the associated collections and destination. I then went ahead and created a customer. I went ahead and created the ANIs and put payment into the account. when I make thee calls, I can see the data on the call information but when I generate a report, no reports are there.
    2. When I create a provider tariff, and a customer tariff,I get -(0.1020) as the cost of the calls in the reports, no matter how many calls I make. When I set this scenario, I create a customer as provider and then choose the tariff, then when I am creating ANIs, I choose the customer tariff created.
    3. When I enable "RADIUS Authentication and Authorization" which user name and password should I use? ANI or PIN or Customer user name?. I have tried a combination of all of then, but I am not able to login and make the calls
    4. Could you provide an document/explanation on how the system works?
    Please help

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    1. I hope you use "voip-billing 30-07-2007.rar" file for your installation.

    2. This archive contains "doc" folder where there is 2 documents concern how to use Billing System and Quadro("ConfiguringQuadroE1T1forCallBilling-Rev1.1-MedRes.pd f" and "Epygi VoIP Billing System.doc").

    3. Be careful when you creating provider and customer tariff plans and collections.

    4. When you cannot see your call in reports try to review Unrecognized calls list

    5. The reason why it is in unrecognized call you can find by analysing radius server log in radiusd -X mode.

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    Where can we get a copy of the voip-billing 30-07-2007.rar?


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    I am using an older version. Where can I get "voip-billing 30-07-2007.rar"

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    Well, first of all I need to mention that the SW included in that RAR file, is kind a beta stuff, and thats why it is not inluded in the official download page on our server. We are looking for enough user feedback to decide whether we can publish that.

    Saying that, we can send the file to you, but, PLEASE provide a feedback as soon as you use that

    Could you please give us your mail addresses so Yervand can send you the link you can use to to dowlnoad this file from.

    Best regards (and hoping to have your feedback soon),


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    Thanks. Please send it to


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    where to find the epygi billing system

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    Sparxnet, write your email address to send a link to newer version of billing file.

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    can you send me the file please

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