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    Hello everyone,,
    I'm sure this should be simple yet by brain's letting me down badly. I have a quadro 2x running the latest firmware and need to have Two separate auto attendants. One for office hours (constantly changing) and one for night service.

    Day Attendant is to offer the caller a dialling menu and if no input is detected, pass the call to a receptionist, extension 201.

    Night attendant is simply to read an out of office message and allow the caller to leave a message if they stay on the line. (No user input).

    I can sort out the actual attendant scenarios but cannot find a way for the operator to enable the night attendant when she leaves the office and the day attendant when she comes into the office again in the morning. So basically i need to know how i can toggle incoming calls to one attendant or the other manually.

    If anyone can give me some guidance or point me to an example, any help is greatly appreciated. I have read all posts I can find but they all seem to use time conditions and I need to use some ort of manual toggling.

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