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    Hi all,
    I've recently installed a Quadro 16xi and I'm having problems with making calls via the ISDN lines. The telco has cleared the ISDN lines and suggests that the problem is with the PBX. How can I verify that the ISDN lines are OK via the Quadro?

    I've used all the defaults in the ISDN wizard, also just to let you know I'm in Ireland.



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    Actually you must turnto your provider to find outthe correct settings. Also you can open a Technical Support (TSS)ticket in our WEB(or ask your provider/reseller to do that)and our guys will suggest you some sttings based on the Quadro logs. Edited by: aramk

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    Do you know that your ISDN line works? Does the NT synch with the remote end? Can you use an ISDN phone on the S0 output of the NT?

    Or are you saying that you can get inbound calls just fine and have a problem with outbound calls only?

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    Some countries ISDN providers may havespecific settings, that must be set on Quadro, beside the default values in ISDN wizard. In this case the "ISDN phone on the S0 output of the NT" will work without problem, because it is already configured to use an Ireland ISDN, and the Quadro will not. Either ISDN provider must give the correct settings, or we can look into the logs, to see the negotiation procedure between provider and Quadro, and suggest to enablesome extra fields in order to work with local provider correctly.

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    when I try and make an outbound call I get a message from the Telco saying that "the number you have dialled has changed, please add 94 beofre your number and dial again", this still happens even after I add the 94.

    It seems that the call is at least getting to the exchange but is not being recognised correctly for some reason.

    I tried connecting a handset to the NT box but can't make calls.



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    So.. what is the number you are sending out and what are you supposed to send out? (you should check the system logs - I can't tell you where exactly as at this moment my device is flashing)

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    I resloved the problem. The ISDN provider is dropping the leading "0", so I now just use a prefix.



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