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Thread: Dial out while receiving a incoming call

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    Hi All

    I have an extension which has the 'Many extensions ringing' function enabled. The issue i have is that if all extensions are ringing it is not possible to make an outbound call until the inbound call is answered. The phones are Snom 300 and although i can press the 'X' key to stop that particular extension from ringing, any dialled number made after the 'X' is pressed is then busy.

    Any suggestions.



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    Hi Andy, I tested that in our lab and Iwas able todial any number after canceling the incoming callthrough MER by pressing "X" key. Please check you phone's configuration. Is there any special setup on that phone ? Was it configuredusing Autoprovisioning or P-n-P by factory reset ?

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    Hi Aram, thanks for your reply.

    The phones were installed using auto provisioning, they all have call park and call pickup enabled, not sure if that should make a difference. I will try to reset a phone and start from there. The park and pickup features were used prior to the latest FW, which works very well, thank you for your help with that.

    Also, a little off topic but to do with the same client. When ending a call while another call is coming in via the MER, the handset ending the call does not ring when back on-hook. Are you aware of this and is there a workaround?

    Thank you


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    If you are againtalking about Snom phones, then I suspect some configuration issue there. Please reproduce the problem and send the logs to me or to TSS with detaild explanation, becuase I can't recreate that situation in our lab. Also, how you ending the call, by putting handset down or by pressing some button on the phone ?

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    I will reproduce and send in the logs.

    The calls are ended by replacing the handset, i have not tested this but it is what the user tells me [img]smileys/smiley19.gif[/img]



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    Sorry to bring up an old topic, but we have a similar issue with a customer. How did you manage to resolve this? They are finding if they are in the middle of dialing a number with the handset lifted and there is an incoming call their outgoing call will not dial until the incoming call is answered. Without abandoning the outgoing call and cancelling the dial, nothing can be done.

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