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    I am digging in to moving to a cloud based PBX solution and away from our in house Avaya solution. The Avaya box is very much out of date, and the upgrade is going to cost over $5k, so I was asked to investigate cloud solutions. I've only just started, but have looked at Ringcentral, 8x8, Netfortris, and Vonage Business. We currently have 210 endpoints on our Avaya system. From my research thus far Avaya is proprietary so all handsets will need to be replaced. Does anyone have experience with these systems or have another to recommend? Is it even worth the switch with the number of devices we have? Mobdro
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    Martin, why go to the "cloud" as it is just someone else's "computer" appliance.. why not look at the QX500 with 228 sip extensions (base 100 + additional 128 Sip licence) with 80 concurrent calls - roughly $7,220 AUD then add handsets or soft phone clients that suit.

    But if you have your heart set on "Cloud" then why not look at the Epygi Cloud solution -

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