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Thread: change snom settings

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    Hi there,

    I was wondering, is there a way to change the auto config settings for the snom phones that the epygi unit gives out. ie: on a snom 320 under the advanced tab, i'd like to disable a certain feature and have that feature stay disabled for all new phones and old phones added to the system, without going to the advanced page for each phone each time that phone is reset and auto configs itself again with the epygi unit.



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    In the future releases we are planning to implement such thing. Itwill be possible to download the Quadro default templates for IP-Phones,customize them and upload back to Quadro.

    BTW, we do not recommend manual changes on autoconfigured phones. May I know what exact feature you want to disable on Snom ? If it is something really disturbing, thenmaybe we'll disable it in current template.

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    Hi There,

    Under advanced - phone behaviour, call join xfer (2 calls) is enabled, i would like this disabled

    Under Advanced - Keys, transfer on Onhook is on, i would like this off

    these are some of the settings that i need to go through and change on every phone / new install or if the phone was reset.



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    Quote Originally Posted by TFIDemo
    Under advanced - phone behaviour, call join xfer (2 calls) is enabled, i would like this disabled

    I looked into the Quadro embedded config template for Snom and that setting is disabled. At least it is true for Quadro 4.1.38 version.Could you please reset your phone and check that option's state again ? Also what firmware is installed on your Quadro ?

    Quote Originally Posted by TFIDemo
    Under Advanced - Keys, transfer on Onhook is on, i would like this off

    "Transfer on Onhook" is enabled,becausewe support Quadro features on IP-Phones in the same way as they work on analog phones. The transfer functionality on analog phones connected to Quadroworks in the same way.

    In any case these changes are minor and user-depended, so for now you can change them only manually, from the phone itself, until we'll implement the possibility to customize the Quadro embedded config templates.Edited by: aramk

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    thanks for the info, i am running 4.1.33, is there a way i can get hold of 4.1.38?

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    Actually the 4.1.38 were placed on our WEB, but it is removed now due to some SW problem. The new version 4.1.39 will be posted in these days, so you can download and install it. Edited by: aramk

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    thanks, look forward to the new release

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