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Thread: Play message before custom auto attendant!!!

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    Default Play message before custom auto attendant!!!

    One of our clients has different holidays that they are out, and they requested the option to be able to record a message that plays before the main greeting of the auto-attendant. Because a custom scenario does not allow a user to call in using feature code *77 and change the greeting (which has to be done through the admin interface), I looked at adding a routing rule and another auto attendant to prefix the custom one and only play the holiday message, then redirect to the usual AA after dial timeout, but I cannot find where the dial timeout is and the client wants their phone system to have as little delay as possible to avoid people hanging up.
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    You would need to write your own custom scenario to achieve this without delays. It can be a mammoth task so be mindful that whilst it can be done, it takes time. I had one customer in an inbound call centre ask me to do something fancy, it took 12 hours and several excel spreadsheet pages to complete.

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