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Thread: change default gateway

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    Hi there,

    Was wondering is there a way to change the default gateway address manually without going through the wan port?

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    If you are about changing default gateway of Quadro, then the only way to change it manually is to pass through Internet Configuration Wizard.

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    I have tried to change it through the Internet Config Wiz...

    I am running a linux firewall on, the epygi unit is on, i would like to make the default gatewayon the epygi box to point to my linux server, but it keeps saying that it cannot be on the same IP range, i don't want to use the WAN port because i already have a linux firewall running.

    How came i change the default gateway on the Epygi unit and keep it on thesame IP range as the unit itself.



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    As I understand correct,you want to connect the Quadro LAN to your network. It is strongly recommended to connect Quadro to the existing network only through its WAN port. You can also switch-off the Quadro's embedded firewall, as well as configure some filtering/forwarding rules to the LAN-side devices. Read more about possible installation in "Quadro Installation Guide" that can be found in our "Downloads" section.

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    is there a way i could email you through a PDF file of the current setup and what i'm looking to do and see if you are able to help

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    E-mail is sent by PM.

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