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Thread: Restore Configuration from 4X to 8ML

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    Default Restore Configuration from 4X to 8ML


    I am replacing a Quadro 4x (more than 30 phones - Ext) with a Quadro 8ML.

    It does not allow me to restore the 4x config to a Quadro 8ML. Does that mean that
    I have do re-do the entire config + loss of all the greetings's ext?

    Is there a solution to this without manually reconfigure the all appliance?
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    Please let me know ASAP.
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    Yes, configuration files between different models of Quadro (and QX) devices are not compatible. The entire configuration needs to be redone. The only choices are you redoing the configuration yourself or send the configuration file to Epygi to be redone for $200.

    As for extensions' greetings, you can download all of them as they are wave files and upload them to the new device.

    Epygi Support

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